Safety Schemes In Procurement (SSIP)

The Ultimate Guide on What to Know

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Who Should I Get SSIP Accredited with?

Introduction – What is Safety Schemes In Procurement (SSIP) and PAS 91?

Safety Schemes In Procurement (SSIP) are programs designed to help businesses improve their health and safety performance.

PAS 91 is a specification that sets out standardized prequalification questions for construction-related procurement.

By adhering to SSIP and PAS 91, small businesses can demonstrate their commitment to safety and quality, making them more attractive to potential clients.

SSIP Accreditation: Why Should I Get Accredited?

SSIP accreditation proves your business’s commitment to health and safety. Benefits include increased credibility, access to more opportunities, and a competitive advantage over non-accredited companies.

Top 4 UK Providers of SSIP Accreditation:



SMAS Accreditation 

CHAS Accreditation

Each provider has its own unique approach and benefits, so it’s essential to investigate which one suits your business best.

MoneySwot Analysis of Top SSIP Providers:


Strengths: Well-known and respected, strong focus on safety

Weaknesses: Can be expensive for smaller businesses<br>
Opportunities: Improve your reputation and gain credibility

Threats: Competition with other SSIP providers


Strengths: Comprehensive database of accredited suppliers, simplifies the prequalification process


Less emphasis on safety compared to SafeContractor

Opportunities: Increase exposure to potential clients

Threats: High competition among members

SMAS Accreditation

Strengths: Quick and straightforward application process, affordable for small businesses<

Weaknesses: Less well-known than other SSIP providers

Opportunities: Demonstrate commitment to safety without significant financial investment

Threats: May struggle to compete with more established providers

CHAS Accreditation

Strengths: Widely recognized as an industry leader, strong focus on health and safety

Weaknesses: More expensive than some competitors

Opportunities: Open doors to new clients and contracts

Threats: Competition from other well-established SSIP providers

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Why Do I Need A Provider For SSIP? Why Can't I Just Use The SSIP Portal?

As a small business owner, ensuring the health and safety of your employees and clients is paramount. One way to demonstrate your commitment to safety is through SSIP accreditation.

This article will explain why you need a provider for SSIP accreditation, what the SSIP portal is, and how SSIP Portal accreditation differs from SafeContractor accreditation.

A Brief Introduction to SSIP

SSIP, or Safety Schemes In Procurement, is a UK-based health and safety certification that demonstrates your business meets a high standard of safety. It involves various accreditation bodies such as SafeContractor, ConstructionLine, SMAS Accreditation, and CHAS Accreditation. Gaining SSIP accreditation is essential for complying with the PAS91 prequalification questionnaire, which most construction clients and principal contractors require it.

What is the SSIP Portal?

The SSIP portal is a centralized platform where businesses can access their SSIP certificate, apply for assessment by various SSIP accreditation bodies, and demonstrate their commitment to health and safety.

However, the SSIP portal is not a provider of SSIP accreditation itself.

Instead, you’ll need to choose one of the numerous SSIP accreditation bodies to obtain your certification.

SSIP Portal Accreditation vs. SafeContractor Accreditation

While both the SSIP portal and SafeContractor are related to proving your business’s dedication to health and safety, they serve different purposes.

The SSIP portal is a platform offering access to multiple accreditation bodies, whereas SafeContractor is an individual body that provides SSIP accreditation.

SafeContractor is an established SSIP member scheme that focuses on the construction industry and is particularly popular with small businesses.

By choosing SafeContractor, you can demonstrate your business’s health and safety compliance through a single, recognized accreditation.

Enhance Your Business’s Safety Profile Today
Don’t wait any longer to demonstrate your commitment to health and safety!

Secure your SSIP accreditation and prove to clients and principal contractors that you prioritize safety standards.

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What Types of SSIP Accreditation Is There?

SSIP (Safety Schemes In Procurement) is a standardised framework for health and safety pre-qualification in the UK.

Its primary goal is to reduce the burden of demonstrating compliance with health and safety requirements.

In this article, we will explore the various types of SSIP accreditations available for your business, followed by a brief MoneySwot analysis to help you make an informed decision.

Additional SSIP Accreditations Available


SafeContractor is a well-recognised SSIP accreditation that primarily focuses on contractors and subcontractors. It ensures that businesses meet the minimum health and safety requirements and are compliant with UK legislation.


Constructionline is a PAS 91 compliant SSIP scheme explicitly designed for the construction industry. It serves as an industry-wide database that allows organisations to demonstrate their capabilities and meet pre-qualification requirements with ease.

SMAS (Safety Management Advisory Services)

SMAS is an accreditation that targets businesses that require a health and safety management system. It provides membership-based support and guidance for organisations to achieve health and safety compliance.<p>
CHAS (Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme)

CHAS is a popular SSIP scheme that evaluates a business’s ability to meet health and safety standards. It aims to reduce the administrative burden for businesses while helping to ensure compliance with legislation.

Brief MoneySwot Analysis of Additional SSIP Accreditations Available:


Reduced burden of demonstrating compliance with health and safety requirements
Streamlined procurement processes for businesses
Better collaboration between buyers and suppliers


Cost of accreditation might be prohibitive for some small businesses.

Not all clients may recognise or accept every SSIP accreditation.


Attaining an SSIP accreditation can open doors to larger contracts and potential clients.
Improved health and safety practices can lead to higher productivity and fewer workplace accidents.


Increasing competition may reduce the value of having SSIP accreditations.
Companies need to maintain their accreditation status, leading to ongoing costs and investments.


Achieving an SSIP accreditation can significantly benefit your business by demonstrating your commitment to health and safety standards. Be sure to consider the specific requirements and offerings of each accreditation scheme to make an informed decision best suited for your business needs.

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What does SSIP stand for?

SSIP = Safety Schemes In Procurement

SMaS, Constructionline, safecontractor, CHAS

No, but you can go there to obtain your certificate from one of the membver providers.