Safety Schemes In Procurement (SSIP): Everything You Need to Know

As a business owner, it’s crucial to continually enhance the efficiency and profitability of your business. But amidst these goals, safety should never be overlooked. Ensuring a safe workplace for employees and visitors is paramount. That’s where Safety Schemes In Procurement (SSIP) come into play. This blog post delves into what SSIP is, its significance, and key details you should know. Check out our SSIP page for more info…

What is SSIP?

Safety Schemes In Procurement (SSIP) serves as an umbrella body, bridging businesses with safety accreditation schemes. SSIP simplifies the procurement process, eliminating the need to individually pre-qualify for safety schemes across sectors like construction, facilities management, and engineering.

Importance of SSIP

SSIP ensures all contractors adhere to the same basic safety standards, fostering consistent safety levels throughout a project. It also reduces administrative burden and costs by streamlining the procurement process. Additionally, SSIP helps identify reputable contractors with recognized safety scheme accreditations. By facilitating training and support, SSIP promotes good safety practices.

How does SSIP work?

Contractors with SSIP accreditation can demonstrate their safety credentials to clients, negating the need for multiple assessments. By obtaining SSIP certification through an assessment from an SSIP member scheme, clients can trust that contractors meet necessary safety standards.

Key Points about SSIP

As a business owner, verify if contractors are SSIP accredited before engaging their services. This ensures adherence to safety criteria. Contractors benefit from SSIP accreditation, saving time and money by working on various projects without pre-qualifying for each safety scheme. Investing in SSIP training and support enhances safety practices for businesses.


Safety Schemes In Procurement (SSIP) are vital for safe and efficient procurement of goods and services. Verify SSIP accreditation for contractors to maintain workplace safety. Contractors gain advantages with SSIP accreditation, while investing in SSIP training elevates safety standards. Prioritize safety for employees and visitors alike.

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How Do I Obtain SSiP Accreditation?

Obtaining SSIP accreditation is achievable with the right guidance and following the necessary steps. To begin, identify the safety standard that aligns with your organization’s needs. Reach out to an accredited certification body to get an overview of the requirements for successful certification and undergo an initial assessment of your company’s working practices and safety management systems. 


Next, create a Health & Safety Management System (HSMS) that demonstrates compliance with the chosen standard. This includes implementing risk assessment and management processes, documenting policies and procedures, and ensuring employee awareness of their legal duties related to health & safety. 


Once these steps are complete, submit your application for SSIP accreditation, providing proof of compliance with the selected scheme’s health and safety standards and any additional requirements from third-party certification bodies or regulators. 


After submitting your application and supporting documents, an independent assessor from an SSIP-approved certifying body will review them before granting approval. Upon approval, you will receive confirmation that your business has achieved SSIP accreditation. 


By following these steps and adhering to regulations throughout the process, businesses can obtain SSIP accreditation effectively and safely while ensuring readability and optimization for search engines.


Take a look at the SSiP Portal Here


What is a Safety Scheme in Procurement, and why is it important?

A safety scheme in procurement is a formal program or certification that assesses and verifies the safety practices of suppliers or contractors. These schemes are crucial because they help organizations mitigate risks associated with workplace accidents, environmental hazards, and other safety concerns. By requiring suppliers to adhere to safety standards, organizations can protect their employees, reputation, and bottom line.

Selecting the appropriate safety scheme depends on your organization’s specific requirements and industry. To make an informed decision:

  • Identify the safety regulations and standards relevant to your industry and region.
  • Research safety schemes that align with these standards and have a good reputation.
  • Evaluate the scheme’s certification process, including assessment criteria, documentation requirements, and costs.
  • Consider the scheme’s track record and acceptance within your industry.
  • Consult with experts or industry peers for recommendations and insights

Requiring suppliers to participate in a safety scheme offers several advantages, including:

  • Improved safety performance: Suppliers are incentivized to enhance their safety practices, reducing the risk of accidents and incidents.
  • Regulatory compliance: Ensuring that suppliers adhere to safety standards helps your organization meet legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Reputation management: Demonstrating a commitment to safety can enhance your organization’s reputation and brand image.
  • Risk reduction: By working with safer suppliers, you can reduce the likelihood of costly disruptions, accidents, and liabilities.
  • Cost savings: Fewer accidents and incidents can lead to lower insurance premiums and operational costs.
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